Cat Sitting!

  • Company and play time for your cat when you are on holiday or away for the weekend.
  • Food and water will be topped up daily,  and your little bundle of fluff will get a Dreamie or two while I'm there!
  • Mental stimulation and play time while she is on her own
  • Kitty litter trays will be cleaned out and freshened up.
  • I can also water your plants and pick up your letters

Despite my name,  I don't just look after dogs! I also love looking after cats.  They are very independent and unlike dogs can fend for themselves while their owners are away.  They still need some mental stimulation and play time,  and of course their food and water replenished!  This is where my cat sitting service can help.  I can pop in on your cat once or twice a day,  whichever you prefer and give him cuddles and play, and make sure he has enough food and water.  I will ensure that his kitty litter box is clean and fresh,  and can make sure your plants are watered and letters picked up.

I am very experienced in giving mediciation to cats so if your cat needs any medicine I can administer this for you.  There is a small extra charge of £2 per visit for this service.

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