About Me!

I'm Laura,  and for as long as I can remember I have always been crazy about dogs! It's everything about them;  their innocence,  their playfulness,  the loving relationships we build with them,  the way they are so smart yet also so adorably daft and the fact that every single dog in the world is absolutely gorgeous in his own way! I originally come from a corporate background - a career I knew wasn't for me,  and I knew I had to work with my passion so I decided to become a dog walker and set up Oh My Dog! I absolutely love what I do!

My last dog was a beautiful Cocker Spaniel,  and now I am mummy to a gorgeous little Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  She is a rescue dog - I was originally fostering her so wasn't meant to have her forever, but fell in love with her so adopted her myself!  They call it a failed foster!  She wasn't a great fan of other dogs at first,  but I have worked so hard with her on her training and socialisation and I am so proud of her and how far she has come - she is really getting there! As she is still in training,   she doesn't come out with my client doggies.  

I am trained in Canine First Aid, fully insured,  Disclosure Scotland checked and registered as a dog walker with City of Edinburgh Council. I have almost completed my certificate in Professional Dog Walking from the British College of Canine Studies.  This course has helped further my knowledge on training, socialisation, canine communication,  dog handling, canine body language and breed difference.  I also have a diploma in Pet Care Business which helped me greatly in setting up Oh My Dog!  It covered how to set up a dog walking business properly and professionally.

I am also a rehoming coordinator with the brilliant rescue charity Any Dog'Il Do,  who do great work saving and rehoming so many dogs.  We saved my own furbaby Lady!

Edinburgh Dog Walker