Will I meet you before you start?

Of course! Before taking on any new dog I will come to your home and have a chat with you about my services and what you require. This is a chance for you and your dog to get to know me and for me to find out all about your dog and his little quirks that make him so special! I will complete a new client form with you and also give you a chance to see my insurance details and qualifications. This visit is of course free of charge.

How many dogs are walked at any one time?

I walk a maximum of 6 dogs at one time. This is so I can ensure that each dogs gets the love and attention he deserves.

How do you arrange picking up and dropping off the dogs?

I will pick up and drop off your dog in my fully fitted out and ventilated dog van. He will then travel in style to the park! This travel time is not included in your hour -your dog will be out in the fresh air having a ball for at least an hour, meaning that including travel time your dog will be out of the house for at least 1.5 hours.

Do I need to be home when you collect or drop off my dog?

No. Some clients give me a spare set of keys which I hold on to. Your keys are locked away with no personal information on them linking them to your house. Other clients leave a set of keys for me in a safe place. Should your keys be lost or stolen I will inform you immediately and replacement of keys and a change of locks is covered by my insurance.

Is your van fitted out and ventilated?

Yes. My van has secure crates fitted and is also fitted with a Flettner ventilator, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air into the back of the van.

Where do you walk?

I tend to walk at Inverleith Park, Gypsy Brae, Cramond, Victoria Park, Lochend Park and along the Water of Leith.

How can I keep track of how the walks are going?

I will text you at the end of each walk to know that the walk went well and your dog is dropped off. Please also check in to my Facebook and Twitter pages where you can see pictures of our doggie adventures!

Do you walk dogs off the lead?

Generally yes, but only with your written consent. I never take dogs off the lead for the first couple of walks so I can test that he will come back to me, and only when I am comfortable that he will, will I then take him off. If his recall is a bit ropey, I have 25 metre long leads so your dog can still get a good run about but still be safe also.

Are there any breeds of dog that you won't walk?

No. I am firmly against breed discrimination and BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and I take on dogs on the content of their character, not undeserved reputation.

Do you take bitches in season?

Unfortunately I am unable to walk bitches in season.

My dog is reactive, are you able to walk him?

Yes, I am still able to walk a reactive dog but only on a one to one basis. I have experience of reactive dogs and improving their behaviour, so walking on a one to one basis means I can give your dog my undivided attention and gives me a chance to work on his behaviour.

What services do you provide for puppies?

Puppies usually need to go out about every 3-4 hours, so I can pop in twice during the day for half an hour to let out, feed, cuddle and play! I will also clean up any accidents. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated I can help him with his socialisation and introduce him to other dogs.

What areas do you cover?

Leith, Stockbridge, New Town, Canonmills, Broughton, Inverleith, Trinity, Newhaven, Warriston, Granton, Abbeyhill and surrounding areas.

What do you do in case of an emergency?

In the unlikely event that your dog falls ill or is injured, I will make contact with you immediately and also take your dog straight to a vet. Please bear in mind that I am trained in canine first aid should it be required and carry a first aid kit with me at all times.

What happens in bad weather?

We will get wet! Come rain or shine, I will still take your dog out. I will towel off and clean his paws should he get muddy!

Do you do walking out of normal hours?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Are you insured?

Yes I am fully insured. I can show you my insurance documents when we first meet to run through all it covers.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that plans can change last minute. If you have to cancel please try to give me as much notice as possible.

How do I book?

Please call me on 07970201549 or go to my contact page to send an email.

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